Rhodia Classic Meeting Book (A5-ish 16 x 21cm)

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Rhodia Meeting Book cover, Derek Jones, 2015
Rhodia Meeting Book cover, Derek Jones, 2015

I just received my Rhodia Classic Meeting Book today (Amazon)(Goulet Pens). It is the smaller A5-ish (16 x 21cm) size, perforated, and pre-printed with a spot for the date, agenda, notes, and action list in the margin. The cover is purportedly waterproof though I have not tested that. The paper is standard Rhodia 80gsm, 80 sheets, with the intention of writing of both sides for 160 pages.

Rhodia Meeting Book - written page

It performs as one would expect with a Rhodia notepad, which is to say quite well. Drying times will be higher than recycled paper as this is a very dense and fountain-pen friendly paper.

Rhodia Meeting Book - bleed / echo / show-through

There is no bleed-through, which would be a basic requirement of being able to use both sides of the paper as intended. As you can see, there is a small amount of ghosting / echo / show-through, that is somewhat ink-dependant. Pilot Iroshozuku kon-peki from a Pilot Penmanship with an EF nib shows through more than does Diamine Oxblood in the Pilot Plumix with a 1.1 italic nib. I’ll have to see in actual use whether it’s bad enough to make me not use the back sides of the paper. At $11–15 per notebook, it would make the difference in cost-per-page quite significant.

Rhodia Meeting Book - perforation

The only thing I am immediately (but only somewhat) disappointed in is that the perforation is a bit tight. I tore the above page out slowly, but not intentionally careful to avoid tearing. The other Rhodia pads I have separate more cleanly and effortlessly. A very quick fold or simply being careful would avoid tearing, so it’s a minor concern, but worth pointing out.

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