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Derek Jones, 2015
Derek Jones, 2015

I’m Derek Jones. I’m the CEO of EllisLab, and when I’m not at work I like to ride a bike, skate ski, play board games, and am a fountain pen enthusiast (with the occasional interesting pencil). The 90s was the last decade prominently marked with music that provoked thought. A few bands are doing it now, but I digress.

You won’t find me on social networking; I’d rather not be commoditized any more than necessary, and prefer human interaction without a portal.

When I’m not blogging here you can find me at:

Why derekderekderek? I wanted a domain with my name that was easy to remember. With the last name Jones, pretty much every iteration with every TLD was already taken. In frustration I typed my name three times and Hover said it was available, so I took it. And here I am. Prompting hotel and grocery store employees everywhere to ask “is that really your email address?”

Links to products that I talk about are affiliate links when available.

If you’ve been lisping while reading this, see why there are so many Fs.